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BMS vs Analytics

The lack of a standardized approach on how State of Health (SoH) should be calculated and the fact that on-board battery management systems (BMS) alone are not sufficient in assessing battery health over its entire lifetime, makes determining accurate battery SoH a challenge. However, these barriers can be overcome by deploying battery analytics.

TWAICE / Mar 30, 2022


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Why on-board battery management is not enough for assessing the battery health of electric vehicles


Knowing the State of Health (SoH) of a lithium-ion battery in an all-electric vehicle is the fundamental basis for electric vehicle maintenance and battery warranty. Finding out the battery health at any point in a battery's life is necessary for making operations profitable and safe, as well as enabling business models such as BaaS (battery as a service) or circular economy approaches.

However, determining accurate battery SoH remains a considerable challenge. There is a lack of consensus in the industry about how SoH should be calculated, meaning there is no standardized approach, and different manufacturers calculate SoH differently. This creates complexity, particularly for fleet operators. On-board battery management systems (BMS) sometimes, but not always, provide an estimation of SoH. However, the accuracy of the estimations decreases over the lifetime of the battery, meaning that on-board battery management systems alone are not sufficient in assessing battery health over its entire lifetime. These barriers to predicting battery health can be overcome by deploying battery analytics.

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