BESS safety monitoring & analytics

Ensure safe & reliable operation of battery energy storage systems

Be on the safe side with TWAICE safety monitoring & analytics. Find out about short- and long-term risks to your batteries via a dashboard or get notifications to prevent system failures. Conduct in-depth root cause analysis and benefit from recommendations about how to deal with high-risk batteries so you can take immediate action, ensuring your investment is protected long term.

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Operate your BESS with peace of mind

Ensuring that energy storage systems are being operated safely and reliably is essential for ROI. Current systems that are used, such as energy storage management systems, are not able to provide adequate enough analytics capabilities.


  • Battery management systems should be the first layer of protection against thermal runaway. However, battery management systems can malfunction, causing stress and damage to the battery.
  • Energy Storage Management Systems do not provide analysis of historical data, therefore cannot show long term trends or anomalies.
  • The quality of individual components influence performance, lifetime and safety. Recent BESS failures have shown that the required manufacturing quality is not always adhered to, which leads to safety risks for all BESS components in the BESS - creating a significant financial risk to asset owners and integrators.


TWAICE safety analytics and monitoring brings you peace of mind. It monitors thousands of datapoints – including temperature and voltage spreads - and informs you when a threshold reaches a risky level. It has even been proven to detect safety risks months before they become critical.

  • Monitor an entire fleet of storages with more KPIs than are available with conventional solutions, meaning you can identify risks and trends that would be impossible to identify otherwise.
  • Prevent incidents from happening as you are informed of battery risks for your entire portfolio on an incident log. Carry out root-cause analysis to ensure these risks can be prevented in the future and get recommendations on how to handle them.
  • Find out about the most important risks with notifications so you can react quickly.
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Which functionalities are available for tracking the safety of the BESS?
The methodology of TWAICE’s safety offering focuses on three things:
- Identifying when values have crossed a threshold, when values deviate statistically from the behavior of the rest of the system, and when the time derivative of values indicates growing concern.
- In addition, typical BMS systems and monitoring solutions do not provide insights into important safety factors like DC resistance, voltage spreads, and temperature spreads. These KPIs are highly indicative of problematic behavior.
- The TWAICE platform provides alerting and incident log tracking to detect safety issues weeks to months in advance so reactionary protection measures like water suppression systems or inert gas systems do not have to be engaged.
How do you avoid nuisance alarming in safety?
A typical place to begin to set thresholds is with the boundary conditions of the battery given by the battery OEM. From there, customers work with our experienced customer success team to change these values where necessary to reflect the operating conditions of the individual ESS. We have not historically encountered complaints about nuisance alarming.
Is your system running parallel to EMS systems, integrated or independently?
Battery analytics in general and the TWAICE platform specifically do not interfere or act redundantly to the rest of the elements in the tech stack.

TWAICE sits downstream of the SCADA, BMS, and EMS and upstream of trading optimization. TWAICE provides a method to analyze, visualize, and produce meaningful insights at a granular level in support of monitoring, operations and management, and portfolio management.

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