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Timing is everything—put your career on fast-forward!

2050 & 1.5° global warming is close - Join us and link your career to purpose! Help us drive the transformation to a cleaner & greener battery-powered world. Seize the opportunity and let’s do something great together.

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Why TWAICE is right for you

Are you looking for a job with greater purpose and meaning? Where you can innovate towards zero—zero emissions in a battery-powered world. Where like-minded innovators live in workspaces that fizz with creativity. And you get to choose how and where you want to contribute.
Sound good? Yes!

Then TWAICE is right for you!
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The best answers are found with the right questions

Our playbook is designed for all to succeed. We seek visionary talent unafraid to think big and drive change. Our vibrant culture thrives on openness, trust, and collaborative partnerships with customers and partners.We listen attentively, forging personal connections, and embark on an exciting journey of mutual growth.

Working at TWAICE is not just a job,

It's a game changer!

The TWAICE playbook


customer success.
partner success.
employee success.
supercycle success.

Hire people greater than their CVs
Build products that drive impactful global change
Foster the right attitude & spirit for what we do
Care for each other and everything we do

Open Positions

Our mission is global and so are we.
Find the job that will fast-track your career.

6 open positions


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6 open positions


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6 open positions


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6 open positions


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“Working at TWAICE is deeply joyous at every level. From day one, your heart will be touched with the vibrant, transparent, trusting, and caring culture. Your skills will level up by working with professional teammates, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated budget for your personal growth. And, you will feel proud and fulfilled because at TWAICE you will be playing an important role towards a green world.”
Person with computers and screens

Amir Afianian

Senior Software Engineer

“TWAICE cares about helping me grow and increase my knowledge as well as my skills. At the same time, I feel great working in a fun and healthy environment. I like to believe that we are on the right side of history, contributing to a more sustainable society, helping in the transition to green energy and e-mobility.”
Margarita Ayala

Margarita Ayala

Marketing Manager

Smart work pays off

Supercharge your work experience

Grow at speed

In our world change comes fast. Discover and learn different parts of our business and get ready to take on more responsibility than you would  in bigger companies. Don’t worry, we will support you with everything.

Yes, stock options!

Share in the success of the company you are helping to build.

To make you feel even more connected to our company and mission, you will receive an exciting stock option plan so you benefit financially from our growth and success. It’s a feel good thing!

Competitive salary as well?


We measure our success by how well we help our customers and partners to succeed and not by how many hours we work. A competitive salary is integral to our success.

People writing on glass wall
Your life, your way
TWAICE employee testing a car
Keep your batteries charged

We live in a more-faster-now-world where flexibility is key to getting through your daily to-do list. Spend time more time with loved ones and keep you batteries charged. We trust you will get the job done. And by the way, you get additional holiday for family events.

Work from anywhere

It’s all about trust, and we got loads of that

We use advanced remote collaboration tools, so working virtually—from anywhere—is cool with us. But if you want to relocate to one of our exciting offices then we contribute 800€.

Be healthy, be well—and it's free

Be good to yourself

We care about your mental and physical wellbeing. Enjoy our physical health services so you can live your best life. Free healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks, & drinks. An amazing company kitchen and team cooking events. Oh yes, and subsidized gym & meditation membership.

Get involved

We celebrate success, we party!

We recognize outstanding contributions by getting seriously social

We hold Summer and Winter parties. We love our Cocktail & Movie Nights. We hold regular team & sports events. We go to the famous Oktoberfest-Wiesn event. And our Weißwurstfrühstück is simply awesome.

Keep it green and clean

We practice what we preach

Test our e-Golf. Use our free EV charging and free bike & car parking (even for petrol or diesel powered cars).  Enjoy direct access to subway and S-Bahn.

Always learning for better living

TWAICE is committed to lifelong learning

We offer exciting opportunities for your personal and professional development, from coding over cooking to those language lessons you've been meaning to take. Training budget 2.000€/year. Enjoy your free account for online education tools. We hold regular feedback meetings  and we offer further training  possibilities within the company. And, our Book Circle connects you to even more knowledge.

A simple hiring process to great careers

We seek those who crave empowerment to do things differently and do things better. See our hiring process.

Hiring process
#1 Meet HR and Recruiting
If your application has peeked our curiosity, we will set up an interview to clarify mutual expectations and get to know you a bit better...more

The aim of this conversation is to find out more about your motivation and experience for the job. Not only that, of course – we introduce ourselves as a potential employer and explain the position in detail. And naturally, you can ask as many questions as you like.

#2 Meet your team lead
This one-to-one conversation is all about your motivation, skills and qualifications...more

We will ask some questions specifically related to the job. We also want to give you an insight into our company and working atmosphere in order to determine your personal fit. Again, this is another chance for you to ask more questions about the position and working at TWAICE.

#3 Meet the team
We think you should meet a couple of more people before you make your final decision. That’s why we created the TWAICE Experience Day...more

Either virtual or in our Munich office you will meet the team and get the chance to show off in a presentation or a coding exercise. And yes – having an informal lunch is part of this experience at TWAICE.


You’re hired!

We try to make your start at TWAICE as easy as possible. Therefore, we have prepared detailed documentation for all processes and offer a lot of personal coaching, especially at the beginning. For this purpose a personal guide will be assigned to help you with all questions.

Our Way

TWAICE careers are built on growth and opportunity

Global battery storage capacity is forecasted to grow 20 times by 2030 (BNEF), and shipments of electric vehicles will increase at a CAGR of 32% in the same period (Gartner).  We are on an exciting mission, making Predictive Battery Analytics a driving force in the Battery Supercycle—accelerating the transition to a cleaner battery-powered world. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Make it yours.

Join our international team