TWAICE CEOs Stephan Rohr and Michael Baumann

Welcome to TWAICE.
Welcome to re-thinking the world.

We are a battery software platform company. We live and breathe to invent for a greener world. Supported with AI, we blend our battery and domain expertise into digital solutions. We tee them up in the cloud for energy and mobility leaders to connect and collectively accelerate the transformation to a cleaner battery-powered world.

Decision-makers as a transformational climate tech force

At TWAICE we believe the transformation to a battery-powered world will reach maximum impact when critical decision-making is backed up by rock-solid data. No guessing or hoping!

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to green energy and emission-free mobility. Our technologies empower decision-makers through confidence in accurate data to be the driving force within the battery supercycle.

Battery Development EU funded
We do
TWAICE Culture

Values plus behavior equals culture

Our values form our behavior and shape our We Do culture. They help us to achieve our mission and keep us focused along our journey.

We name it & don't blame it

We comunicate honestly & constructively. We are nice to each other when calling out issues.

Passion powers our daily doing

We are united by the passion to save our planet. This is our driver to give or best every day... and we have fun doing it!

We embrace change
& stay curious

We keep an open mind and open heart.
Learning is our basis to charge ahead in an ever-changing world.

We are passionate about our work

We are proud of what we accomplish. We are relentless on
our mission and we succeed together.

Move forward - We've got your back!

We dare to leave our comfort zone. Make pragmatic decisions rather than analyzing every detail.
We will make mistakes and grow from them.

We empower people

We deeply care and make each other better. We listen, seeking understanding.

Our culture unifies us, safeguards us, and helps us succeed. We do—for our customers, for our business partners, for each other, for our families, and for the planet.  We don’t just talk, we do.

Care first

They say that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care. At TWAICE we care first. It sets the baseline for everything we do. We are all on this journey together and we recognize the challenges and opportunities ahead. We must take care of each other to last the journey. Our We Do culture is what drives us forward, and our shared-spirit of care for each other binds us together along the way.

Building a model company to re-think the world

Opportunities of magnitude only appear when technology causes quantum leaps in productivity and profitability. We are at such a historical inflexion point right now. The next ten years will decide how the Battery Supercycle is defined, and TWAICE is playing to win.

We are building a model company to go the journey, one that is measured by why people want to be associated with us. We are passionate about technology, we are natural problem solvers, and we all want be part of this historical and meaningful transformation with global impact. TWAICE people are changing the game and they recognize the scale of the opportunity. Come join us and let’s get the job done together.

TWAICE founders
Our journey
Michael Baumann and Stephan Rohr start their research into second life and lifetime of Li-ion batteries at the Technical University of Munich.
Development of server-based battery health diagnostic logic and launch of research & development for a holistic platform.
Incorporation of TWAICE Technologies GmbH. Seed funding with Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners and Speedinvest.
Seed Extension with Cherry Ventures and our existing investors Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners and Speedinvest in response to the high market demand.
€11 million Series A Funding with Swedish Investor Creandum based on two-digit customer base.
$ 26 million Series B Funding with US-Investor Energize Ventures
Opening of TWAICE battery research center and offices in Paris, France & Chicago, US.
Founding of Battery Quick Check GmbH as a Joint Venture with TÜV Rheinland.
$ 30 million Series B Funding increase with US-Investor Coatue.

“What you are doing in the area of battery technology and artificial intelligence is exciting, thrilling, and makes you the winner. ”

Sebastian Thrun
Sebastian Thrun
Professor - Stanford University
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Team Size
Collective Battery Experience
300+ years

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