BESS Warranty manager

Track and monitor your BESS warranty contracts

De-risk your battery energy storage system projects by keeping track of performance warranties. With the TWAICE Warranty Manager, you can identify potential warranty issues early, avoid unplanned warranty de-ratings and simplify warranty claims.

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TWAICE Energy Storage Warranty Manager Product

Gain transparency into BESS warranties

Performance warranties are vital for the bankability of energy storage systems. But how do you find the balance between a profitable operating strategy and degradation within the boundaries specified in the warranty?


  • Tracking compliance with complex warranty conditions involves considerable manual effort, but not tracking at all creates significant financial risks.
  • Warranty conditions can differ for every different type of battery, creating a substantial amount of complexity in tracking warranties.
  • Warranty coverage is at risk when the operating strategy is changed.


With the TWAICE warranty tracker, you get a full, up-to-date view of warranty conditions across your battery energy storage systems independent of suppliers. Lower your technical risk exposure, avoid warranty penalties, and improve your workflows to save on costs.

  • Reduce warranty violation risks and penalties by automatically tracking the warranty status of each battery system.
  • Minimize business case risks by adapting operating strategies to reduce your exposure to warranty risks and avoid unplanned warranty de-ratings.
  • For system integrators: use warranty tracking to consider providing flexible warranties to your customers.
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De-risk your BESS project by tracking warranty conditions

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Is it possible to download monthly/ annual reports from the dashboard?
We are happy to offer this as an additional professional service to complement our platform.
Which training sessions are included to educate users on the use of the dashboard/software? Which additional trainings are available?
During and after onboarding, at least bi-weekly calls with TWAICE experts and intensive training sessions are provided. Further, TWAICE provides continuous access to a technical customer manager for questions. Additional training and workshops (virtually and on site) are possible.
How many GW are you currently monitoring?
Currently, we are monitoring around 5 GW.