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Increase BESS profitability by maximizing efficiency & availability

Ensure the best possible performance of your energy storage systems. Achieve the maximum return on investment by keeping availability high and avoiding downtime.

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TWAICE Energy Storage Performance Manager Product

Monitor & improve your BESS performance


  • Significant amounts of money are invested in energy storage systems, but to ensure longevity, bankability and profitability, it is vital that systems are available as much as possible.
  • High availability is key for business cases of most energy storage system projects, but insights into factors affecting availability are lacking.
  • Systems underperform if balancing is not working as it should. This leads to either short lifetime and increased risks of damage or reduced power capabilities - or both.


There are many different factors that dictate and influence the performance of energy storage systems. Get detailed insights into these and identify what to fix to improve system performance.

  • Identify SoC and voltage imbalances that are affecting the availability & performance of your system.
  • Pinpoint underperforming components and get recommendations on actions to take.
  • Equip your maintenance teams with the information to fix problems that affect the availability of your battery energy storage system.
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Can the software outline performance optimization/ improvements based on the data?
Your customer success managers will work closely together with you and assist you in improving performance of your BESS. Recommendations for improving and optimizing performance will be implemented directly into the user interface shortly.
Are you just taking data from the EMS or are you deriving your own insights and KPIs?
Our algorithms derive insights from data from the BMS and EMS. The TWAICE platform includes KPIs derived from our proprietary intellectual property and other statistical analysis.
How often is the analytical data updated on the dashboard?
We operate a near real-time monitoring solution with an ideal refresh rate of 15 minutes, dependent on customer data transfer configuration.

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