TWAICE Vision 2022 battery dark lights

TWAICE Vision | Alexander Schabert from ViriCiti

August 3, 2022

Software is the key for a battery-driven future. In February 2022, TWAICE hosted a conference on this topic. This video shows the presentation from Alexander Schabert - Senior Global Director at ViriCiti.

TWAICE Vision 2022 battery dark lights
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TWAICE Vision - Alexander Schabert

What does analytics software mean for e-bus manufacturers and operators?

During the 2022 TWAICE Vision, ViriCiti Senior Global Director, Alexander Schabert, revealed his vision for the future of e-bus fleets and why battery analytics will play a critical role.

Interested in the details? Get the full video from Alex Schabert - Senior Global Director at ViriCiti:

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