Battery Research Center

Superior in-house testing facilities

Benefit from the combination of battery expertise, on-premise testing facilities and scalable TWAICE software.

TWAICE battery research center

Numerous possibilities

The ultramodern TWAICE lab equipment includes testing channels, temperature chambers for battery cells and modules, and cell holders for all cell formats.

Cell testing
Hundreds of high precision channels (0-6 V)
+/- 3000 amperes for currents
Temperature chambers from -40 to 80 °C
Independent EIS channels
Module testing
Channels from 0-200 V
+/- 800 amperes for currents
Climate chambers from -40 to 80 °C
Large volume climate chambers at high hazard level
The Labs in use

Calibrate your battery cells

We parametrize our electric, thermal and aging models to your cell in less than three months. Benefit from battery expertise and scalable software – all in one place.

Engineer working on battery module testing
See how battery cells will behave under any conditions, today and tomorrow.
Use cases

Our solution to your needs

The TWAICE battery research center empowers both our Cloud Analytics Platform and the TWAICE Battery Simulation Models.

TWAICE engineer monitoring batteries behaviour

Optimal battery design & reduced testing.

Our in-house labs enable us to parametrize our cell simulation models to your individual needs. Thanks to proprietary rapid-parameterization techniques, only a small number of cells is required for lab measurements.

Battery engineering working on testing equipment

High-performance measurements

The battery labs’ high-precision measurements form the foundation for the parametrization of the models and the cell characterization to answer highly-specific questions about battery performance and lifetime.

Henning Bruestle CSO TWAICE
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