AEC 2023 Avere E-Mobility Conference
Past event

AEC 2023 - AVERE E-Mobility Conference

Industry, consumers, and government gather in Utrecht to influence the advancement of e-mobility.


TWAICE event: Topic: AEC 2023 - AVERE E-Mobility Conference Start: Sep 26, 2023 Location: Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands see event here:


Joined forces in bridging the gap to a future-proof and optimal e-mobility ecosystem

  • Clear steps in the transition toward emission-free mobility
  • Conference program: Panel discussions, round tables, networking sessions & side events
  • Two conference days in the city of Utrecht, a pioneer in electromobility

The European Association for Electromobility - AVERE is organizing the AEC 2023 E-Mobility Conference in Utrecht, a city pioneer in electromobility.

Through an event such as the AEC 2023, collaboration between industry, consumers, and government entities helps propel e-mobility into an advanced phase. This conference is built upon five essential pillars, serving as the cornerstone for a seamless shift towards emission-free transportation:

  1. Beyond the plug,
  2. Clean heavy-duty vehicles,
  3. Resilient energy infrastructure,
  4. Future-proof supply chain and
  5. Skills for the Future.

Koen van Haperen, Global Growth Manager at TWAICE, has a speaking role in the panel "The Battery Battle" on September 26 2023, 1:30-2:30 PM at the Cloud 9 space.

Contact us to schedule a meeting with TWAICE battery analytics experts on future events!

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Past Event

Location: Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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