IBSW 2023 battery safety
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International Battery Safety Workshop - IBSW 2023

The IBSW 2023 is expected to draw international experts and attendees will have the opportunity to exchange diverse perspectives and insights on battery safety-related topics.


TWAICE event: Topic: International Battery Safety Workshop - IBSW 2023 Start: Sep 28, 2023 Location: Center of Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research - Ulm, Germany see event here:



Battery safety is the essential basis of battery development

The upcoming workshop presents an excellent opportunity for participants to engage in both intellectual and social interactions. The IBSW 2023 will focus primarily on ensuring the safety of various types of batteries, with a special emphasis on Lithium-Ion batteries.

Given the continuous advancements in energy density and battery content, safety considerations have become increasingly vital. Moreover, there is a growing interest in exploring the safety aspects of upcoming technologies like all-solid-state and sodium-ion batteries, which are often perceived as safer options due to potential production rate increases.

With program contributions from both academia and industry the aim is to collectively explore innovative approaches and research on enhancing the safety levels of cells and batteries. International experts will deliver talks and present posters on safety research, analytics, simulation, and battery engineering.

Dr. Matthias Simolka, Senior Technical Solution Engineer at TWAICE, will be holding a presentation at the IBSW 2023 on the topic "Batteries safety incidents analysis - Detect & fix anomalies early", on September 29 2023 at 11:15 AM-11:45 AM.

Some other topics to be covered during the workshop include:

  1. Analyzing thermal runaway scenarios in batteries
  2. Strategies for thermal propagation protection
  3. Modeling and simulating safety aspects of batteries
  4. Enhancing thermal stability through design modifications
  5. Investigating incidents and conducting post-mortem analyses for better safety insights.

Contact us to schedule a meeting with TWAICE battery analytics experts on future events.

Past Event

Location: Center of Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research - Ulm, Germany

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