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Energy Storage Summit CEE 2024

Unlock insights, network strategically, and accelerate your business success at the Energy Storage Summit CEE 2024 in Warsaw, Poland. Discover the key topics in focus!


TWAICE event: Topic: Energy Storage Summit CEE 2024 Start: Sep 24, 2024 Location: Warsaw, Poland see event here:


Unlocking the future of Energy Storage for USA & Canada

  • Growth Insights: Explore market trends, financial strategies, and resource planning for effective energy storage solutions.
  • Strategic Networking: Connect with industry leaders through interactive sessions and roundtables.
  • Business Acceleration: Adopt new technologies to enhance energy storage system (ESS) availability and performance.

The second edition of the Energy Storage Summit Central Eastern Europe will take place in Warsaw, Poland, on September 24-25, 2024. Join us to unlock insights, network strategically, and accelerate your energy storage business success.

Key topics include forecasting emerging markets, financial frameworks, strategic resource planning, new revenue streams, regulatory support, ancillary services, and the future of the capacity market. The Summit will also highlight the importance of a resilient grid for energy security and offer best practices from European experts.

TWAICE at the Energy Storage Summit CEE 2024

Our battery expert team will be attending, and Manuel Scheibel, TWAICE VP of Energy Sales, will give the presentation "Unlocking the Power of AI-supported battery analytics to Increase Availability, Reduce Risks and Boost the ROI of Your BESS Projects" on September 24 at 2:00 PM.

Join us to stay at the forefront of progress in the energy storage industry.

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Unveiling the critical role of Simulation Models in ESS

As the world accelerates toward sustainable energy solutions, selecting the right cell is vital to ensure efficient performance, longevity & cost-effectiveness.

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Location: Warsaw, Poland

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