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TWAICE Vision Speaker Series - Battery Supply Chain

In the third online session dives deeper into battery supply chain & technology. A recording is available.


TWAICE event: Topic: TWAICE Vision Speaker Series - Battery Supply Chain Start: Sep 20, 2023 Location: Online see event here:


TWAICE Vision Speaker Series - Battery Software in the spotlight

About this Event

A forum where TWAICE brings thinkers and doers together to discuss the vision of a battery-powered future.

The TWAICE Vision speaker series provides a space to exchange the latest software developments in all use cases of batteries - ranging from battery development, to electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

“Battery use cases are evolving rapidly. The need to understand batteries to the core is more important than ever. Ultimately, it’s about saving time and money. Without software and AI this will not be possible.”

The third online session dives deeper into battery supply chain & technology.


  • Ricardo Raineri, former Energy Minister of Chile, President of the International Association for Energy Economics, Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile:
    "Energy transition, innovation and the challenges of critical minerals: a vision from the south"
  • James Frith, Principal at Volta Energy Technologies, Board Observer at OneD Battery Sciences:
    "Investing in battery startups: cutting through the hype to find value"

Past Event

Location: Online

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