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automotive electric car charging
Past event

AABC North America 2022

A must-attend three days exploring development trends and breakthrough technologies with a global audience of battery technologists at AABC in San Diego, CA.

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Power solar panel|
Past event

Enlit Europe 2022

Enlit Europe gives you the chance to share your knowledge and learn from others. You will speak face-to-face with the best thought-leaders, innovators and disruptors in the energy sector and beyond representing power generators, IPPs, utilities, grid operators, energy companies, retailers, energy markets, energy traders and exchanges, plus commercial and industrial energy users.

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Event schedule

E-world essen
Past event

E-World Essen 2022

E-world energy & water is the place where the European energy industry comes together. Serving as an information platform for the energy sector, E-world is gathering international decision makers in Essen each year. Meet us at our booth and get to know our available solutions in the energy industry.
Electric car charging at station
Past event

AABC Europe

The AABC Europe 2022 in Mainz event will host battery technologists from the leading automotive OEMs and their key suppliers to explore development trends and breakthrough technologies shaping the future of vehicle electrification. This event propels that momentum forward, presenting unparalleled coverage of the research and development that helps drive outcomes and supports the next generation of electric vehicle batteries.
Car Conference
Past event

Car Symposium 2022

This year's Car Symposium is all about the automotive future. TWAICE will have its own booth at the conference and in his speech Marc Paczian will explain why software is needed for battery safety.
Past event


COFAT 2022 will present technological and innovative solutions for the vehicle of the future and discuss them intensively with you. The main topics this year are vehicle concepts, drive technology, charging infrastructure, efficiency range, battery storage and new mobility.
AWS logo
Past event

AWS Summit Berlin

The AWS Summit is dealing with how the cloud is accelerating innovation in businesses of all size. You will learn more about the AWS platform through sessions that cover a wide range of topics from new services and architecture to performance and operations. In their speaker slot Max Forster and Timo Geissler will present how TWAICE is using AWS to scale its business.
Energy storage
Past event

EES Europe 2022

More than 250 international exhibitors will present their latest products, services, solutions and innovations from the fields of energy storage technologies, energy storage systems, components and equipment for energy storage systems, grid infrastructure and solutions for the integration of renewable energies, as well as production technology, materials and related accessories at Messe München.
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