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Automatically track battery warranty contracts

Track your battery warranty contracts accurately. TWAICE combines your warranty contract data with real-life data from your e-vehicle fleets to provide you with automatic warranty tracking. Lower your exposure to warranty risk, and confidently manage e-vehicle fleets based on trustworthy battery data.

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TWAICE E-Mobility Warranty Manager Software Product

Manage battery warranty contracts with ease

Managing battery warranty contracts is an unavoidable aspect of any transaction between OEM and fleet operator, but the complexities involved make it a challenging and high-risk task.


  • Warranty contracts are unique. Warranty conditions and metrics within warranty agreements differ depending on the customer or manufacturer, making it incredibly complex to track the status of all warranty contracts from all vehicle fleets.
  • Proactively identifying problems such as risks of warranty breaches or warranty claims can be incredibly time consuming.
  • A lack of knowledge about the status of the battery mean it is easy to breach warranty conditions, with significant financial consequences.


Manage warranty contracts efficiently. Lower exposure to financial risks by accessing the data to ensure that warranty conditions are not breached.

  • Manage warranty agreements by uploading warranty contract data which is fused with real-time data from vehicle fleets for automatic warranty tracking - including all relevant metrics.
  • Be warned of future risks to warranties on the dashboard, for example warranty breaches
  • View all warranty contracts for e-vehicle fleets on one overview to access warranty information as fast as possible.
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Can you make cycling analyses of batteries in mobile applications like e-bus or e-truck?
Yes, our software offers cycling analysis of any kind of batteries. We only need a digital connection to the battery to run our algorithms and analytics.
What additional capabilities does TWAICE’s software have compared to the usual BMS system?
Compared to the usual battery management system (BMS), battery analytics software can detect trends and anomalies early to avoid breakdowns. By analyzing historical data, the software gives you deeper insights into relevant KPIs than a BMS, providing a second layer of safety.
Is extra hardware needed to connect the system?
There is no hardware needed to connect the system, which is beneficial for cybersecurity practices. We are connecting the system digitally, for example via a data push from the site to our cloud, a data pull via API, or transfer of time series data to a secure FTP repository.

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