Battery safety monitoring & analytics

Ensure safe & reliable operation of your e-vehicle fleets

Have peace of mind when managing e-vehicle fleets with TWAICE safety monitoring & analytics. Access an overview of the status of all batteries and receive early alerts in case of possible incidents including clear action recommendations.

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Ensure uptime & avoid battery failures

Battery safety needs to be a top priority for e-vehicle operators and OEMs to ensure that vehicles are being operated safely and reliably. Severe incidents such as a battery fire would be the worst-case scenario for many companies. At the same time, less severe risks such as vehicles breaking down on route are incredibly disruptive to deal with.


  • Battery management systems should always step in when safety-critical incidents occur. However, battery management systems can malfunction which can cause risks to the battery such as over-charging.
  • At-risk batteries do not just cause severe problems, but impact fleet uptime.
  • Breakdowns that happen without warning are disruptive & chaotic to deal with.


Overcome the challenges of battery safety and operate your electric vehicle fleets with peace of mind.

  • Rest assured TWAICE safety & reliability analytics has your back in case of BMS failure, as you will be notified about potential risks and incidents even if the BMS malfunctions.
  • Be notified about risks far in advance with predictive risk assessment that includes multiple categories of severity.
  • Get recommendations when risks to the battery are detected so you know how to act when risks occur, for example taking a vehicle out of operation. The TWAICE Customer Success managers are also on hand to help.
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What interface types with other dashboards are available?
We offer flexible and easy integration options including an API, widgets, and iFrame.
How often is the analytical data updated on the dashboard?
We operate a near real-time monitoring solution with an ideal refresh rate of 15 minutes, dependent on customer data transfer configuration.
Which functionalities are available to track the safety of batteries?
TWAICE provides KPIs indicative of problematic behavior such as DC resistance, voltage spreads and temperature spreads. It tracks and informs you when a risky threshold has been reached, when values deviate statistically from the behavior of the rest of the system, and when the time derivative of values indicates growing concern. Additionally, TWAICE provides alerting and incident log tracking so that safety issues can be detected months in advance.

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