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Optimize performance, time-to-market & costs of electric vehicles with TWAICE battery simulation models.


TWAICE webinar: New TWAICE Simulation Model Portfolio Jul 03, 2023 attend event here:


We have expanded our battery simulation tool with additional models for electric-thermal-aging!

During the webinar, we will showcase how our tailored simulation models revolutionize battery development across various phases. From early stages with limited cell information to specific pre-production inquiries, our models provide quicker insights into battery behavior without the need for extensive physical testing.

Here's a brief overview of the three models we offer:

  • Base Model: This chemistry-specific cell model leverages data from TWAICE's extensive battery database to provide a model for use cases where the exact cell is not yet specified.
  • Customized Base Model: This model combines the base model with cell-specific data such as cell data sheets. Customers can leverage their own data & benefit from a more realistic model.
  • Premium Model: This model is based on measurements conducted at TWAICE's testing facilities. This incorporates cutting-edge features for the highest possible accuracy including modeling of OCV aging, degradation modes, and swelling force.

Time ➡️ 11:00 AM Eastern Time | 5:00 PM Central European Time

Duration ➡️ 45 minutes

Where ➡️ Online & free

Download the recording here:
ESS Battery Simulation Models
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Unveiling the critical role of Simulation Models in ESS

As the world accelerates toward sustainable energy solutions, selecting the right cell is vital to ensure efficient performance, longevity & cost-effectiveness.

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