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De-risk deployment and scaling of energy storage systems

June 12, 2023

Learn how VERBUND de-risked deployment and scaling of battery energy storage systems using TWAICE's Digital Commissioning.

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How VERBUND used TWAICE Digital Commissioning to de-risk deployment & scaling of ESS


VERBUND is Austria's leading electricity company and one of the largest producers of electricity from hydropower in Europe. Close to 100%of our electricity generation comes from climate friendly, renewable hydropower. VERBUND is active at all stages of value creation: from electricity generation and the transportation of electricity to trading and sales.

Especially in commercialization, all stakeholders can benefit from VERBUND's know-how in the energy sector. For example, flexibility marketing is handled fully automated via VERBUND's virtual energy system. VOLERY, VERBUND's digital optimization platform, enables combined marketing via the spot, intraday and control reserve markets, thus always ensuring the most attractive added value for consumption and generation flexibilities as well as energy storage facilities. Intelligent autotrading algorithms are used, which take into account individual constraints of the plant operation, such as heat supply obligations, storage limits and efficiencies.

In the first quarter of 2023, VERBUND added 42 MW to its battery storage sites. Plans are, to install a total of 1 GW of battery storage capacity by the end of 2030. Before energy storage systems can be fully operated, they must be successfully commissioned to ensure that VERBUND’s requirements for commercial operation have been met (such as capacity). However, commissioning is a complex process that comes with many challenges.

This case study describes how VERBUND used TWAICE’s easy scalable Digital Commissioning to get an overview of the performance of their new energy storage systems being added to their assets.

“TWAICE’s Digital Commissioning helps us to overcome the challenges resulting from an increasing heterogeneous system-integrator landscape and ever larger BESS systems. A must have for baselining performance at BoL and identifying deficiencies before operation starts”. - Karl Potz, Head of Battery Solutions Center at VERBUND

Interested in the details about de-risking BESS projects? The case study covers the following topics:

  • The challenge of onsite commissioning
  • Digital Commissioning as a solution:
  • Independent verification of data provided by the integrator
  • Enabling comparison of different storage systems
  • The icing on the cake: identifying anomalies

Download the full case study:

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