Electric bus fleet battery management

E-Bus Fleet Management

The e-bus market is developing rapidly in 2021. Pollution in cities and towns is the often cited reason for the transition from old diesel machines to clean e-buses. But many transport companies are still concerned, their primary worry being the expense of the batteries.

TWAICE / Dec 15, 2020


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Use battery analytics to optimize e-bus fleet management

They may not catch your eye like the Tesla in the neighbor's driveway or the growing number of vehicles with an "E" at the end of their license number, but increasingly more public transport vehicles are going electric. In 2019, more than 1600 electric buses were introduced in the EU, 187 of which in Germany – and the trend is on the up. Pollution in cities and towns is the oft-cited reason for the transition from old diesel machines to clean e-buses. But many transport companies are still skeptical, their primary worry being the expense of the batteries.

Collective value of 100 e-bus batteries exceeds 10 million euro

Differing use applications, driver profiles and environmental conditions can all significantly influence the longevity and performance of batteries. This can adversely impact warranties as well as insurance coverage. As the collective value of an e-bus fleet’s batteries comprises millions of euros, the issue of sustainable asset management is the highest priority for transport companies and fleet operators.

Eliminate fleet management guesswork with battery data

Rules of thumb about battery health prevail in the industry, but at the end of the day, these are only recommendations. Examples include not parking in the sun or in cold temperatures or avoiding fast charging where possible. The integration of battery analytics can transform these sketchy presumptions into precise measures for optimization.

TWAICE’s predictive analytic software gives fleet managers the transparency they need to leave guesswork behind. TWAICE leverages deep battery know-how and advanced AI to generate fundamental insights into the health and remaining lifetime of the batteries they use. Furthermore, specific use instructions to optimize performance and duration can be derived, thus enhancing battery longevity.

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