TWAICE Vision 2024 green battery

TWAICE Vision Summit 2024 Report

April 10, 2024

The TWAICE Vision Summit is a conference about the importance of software in a battery-powered future. Speakers from leading companies in the electric vehicle, energy and battery industries discussed its challenges. Our report highlights the main findings of the conference.

TWAICE Vision 2024 green battery
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TWAICE Vision Summit 2024 Report

Battery Software in the spotlight

Software is vital for the future of batteries: Economic efficiency and sustainability in the battery sector are closely linked to software. During the TWAICE Vision Summit industry experts shared their knowledge on these topics:

  • David Howey (University of Oxford) emphasized the value of battery models for insights into battery understanding, design, and usage, highlighting the need for standardization in the industry.
  • Sophie Solchenbach (BMW) discussed BMW’s R&D cell research, regarding lithium plating during fast charging due to electrolyte motion.
  • Susan Babinec (Argonne National Laboratory) introduced the Rapid Operational Validation Initiative (ROVI) aiming for a 15x reduction in time from lab to market to meet 2035 US Decarbonization Goals.
  • Miguel Gfall (BayWa r.e.) stressed the importance of monitoring for process optimization and analytics in BESS installations, with a focus on safety.
  • Lakshmi Srinivasan (EPRI) reported that most BESS failures occur in the first year, advocating for industry collaboration on safety.
  • Quentin Scrimshire (Modo Energy) highlighted the significance of availability in energy markets, particularly in ERCOT, and its impact on revenues.
  • Thomas Raffeiner (The Mobility House) predicted the VGI/flexibility market to surpass the automotive & oil/gas industry, emphasizing the potential of EV batteries for flexibility.
  • Richard Mohr (ChargePoint) pointed out that with EVs battery health is a critical factor for vehicle performance and management.

Interested in the details? Download the full report:

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