TWAICE Vision Summit 2024 Sophie Solchenbach

TWAICE Vision Summit 2024: The influence of cell designs on battery aging

April 10, 2024

Sophie Solchenbach shows that lithium plating is caused by electrolyte motion in one of their research cells.

TWAICE Vision Summit 2024 Sophie Solchenbach
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The influence of cell designs on battery aging

Sophie Solchenbach, Battery and Pack Developer at BMW, gave a presentation at the TWAICE Vision Summit 2024 entitled "The influence of cell designs decision on the aging behavior of large-format lithium-ion cells".

Sophie analyzed the causes of lithium plating, attributing it to electrolyte motion. As she pointed out: “This low electrolyte cells confirm our theory that electrolyte motion is the reason for the salt gradient build up and lithium plating

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