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AABC Europe 2024

The AABC Europe 2023 will be held at Strasbourg Convention Centre in France on May 13-16 2024


TWAICE event: Topic: AABC Europe 2024 Start: May 13, 2024 Location: Strasbourg, France see event here:



Revolutionizing Vehicle Electrification: AABC Europe 2024

About this Event

At the AABC Europe 2024 conference, leading automotive OEMs and key suppliers will converge to discuss the latest trends and technologies driving automotive innovation. From advancements in chemistry and engineering to cutting-edge battery intelligence, this event will showcase the groundbreaking developments that will define the automotive landscape of tomorrow.

Come visit the exhibition to explore the newest products, services, and solutions from top companies in the industry. Stop by the TWAICE booth in Strasbourg to meet our experts and discover our innovative battery analytics solutions designed for the future of automotive.

Speaker presentation & panel participation

Don't miss Dr. Jonas Keil, Tech Lead Battery Analytics at TWAICE, as he presents "Advanced Battery Analytics to Eliminate Risks on Battery Health, Safety and Performance" at the AABC Europe 2024 Battery Intelligence conference.

Join us in shaping the future of vehicle electrification in 2024.

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Location: Strasbourg, France

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