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Past event

AABC North America 2023

The AABC North America 2023 will take place on December 11-14 2023 in San Diego (CA), USA.


TWAICE event: Topic: AABC North America 2023 Start: Dec 11, 2023 Location: San Diego (CA), USA see event here:



Shaping the future of vehicle electrification at AABC North America

About this Event

The Advanced Automotive Battery Conference North America - AABC 2023, reviews the status of automotive battery technology and provides invaluable insights about the future of vehicle electrification.

TWAICE will be exhibiting at the AABC North America in the booth 621 . You can locate us in the live AABC exhibition floor plan

Presentation and panel

Dr. Jonas Keil, Tech Lead Battery Analytics at TWAICE, will be holding a presentation “Reliable and Actionable Insights into the Health, Safety, and Performance of EVs in the Field” on the Battery Intelligence Conference day 1, December 13, as well as participate in the session panel following the presentation.

Meet TWAICE experts and learn how you can optimize performance, time-to-market & costs of electric vehicles with TWAICE battery simulation models.

Contact us to schedule a meeting with TWAICE battery analytics experts on future events!

Past Event

Location: San Diego (CA), USA

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electric car mechanic

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