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TWAICE Vision Battery Analytics Conference 2022

TWAICE Vision Battery Analytics Conference - an annual forum where we bring thinkers and doers together to discuss the vision of a battery-driven future. Anyone who cares about batteries as much as we do is welcome.


TWAICE event: Topic: TWAICE Vision Battery Analytics Conference 2022 Start: Feb 10, 2022 Location: Virtual Event see event here:


TWAICE Vision Battery Analytics Conference

Software for a battery-driven future

Battery analytics company TWAICE is to host its first industry conference on battery software, with a high-profile speaker line-up including Jeff Dahn and Gerard Reid.

The first TWAICE Vision will be livestreamed from Munich to audiences across the world on Thursday, 10th February. The focus will be software solutions that increase the pace of development, transparency, and safety of batteries across the entire lifecycle, while keeping risk at a minimum. Using a mix of case studies from leading companies in the battery space and insights from experts in the field, the event will demonstrate the value of battery analytics at three key stages of the value chain.

"We are extremely excited to be hosting the first TWAICE Vision conference and sharing our outlook on a battery-driven future. We believe that to survive the next five years, not only must manufacturers get the software surrounding batteries right, but also all other players in the battery ecosystem”, said TWAICE Co-CEOs Dr. Michael Baumann and Dr. Stephan Rohr.

The TWAICE Vision 2022 speakers
  • Dr. Michael Baumann & Dr. Stephan Rohr (Co-CEOs, TWAICE): “Software is crucial to a battery-driven future – why?”
  • Jeff Dahn (Research Partner, Tesla's Advanced Battery Research Group): "Vehicle to grid: How good do Lithium-ion batteries need to be?"
  • Jan Singer (Engineering Manager, TWAICE): “Where next for battery simulations?”
  • Wasim Sarwar (Head of Research and Advanced Engineering, Rimac Technology): “How do we use advanced software to unlock industry-leading performance?”
  • Gina Aquilano (Technology Director, Analog Devices, Inc): “How can software enable a more sustainable battery supply chain?”
  • Alexander Schabert (Senior Director, Global Bus Sales, ViriCiti (now part of ChargePoint): “What does analytics software mean for e-bus manufacturers and operators?”
  • Christophe Pillot (Director, AVICENNE Energy): “What are the main trends in the rechargeable battery market?”
  • Lukas Weißböck (Technical Battery Engineer, Verbund): “How is software increasing the efficiency of renewable energy storage?”
  • Alexander Kupfer (Project Head Circular Economy, AUDI AG): “How does software give EV batteries a second life?”
  • Gerard Reid (Co-founder and Partner, Alexa Capital): “Why is 2022 looking so bumpy for the energy transition?”
  • Jonas Boehm (Strategic Partnerships Manager, TWAICE) Panel Discussion: “Battery Ecosystems: How can we generate value across sectors?”

Battery technology accelerates the transition to electrification and green energy. The key to safe and sustainable use of batteries is transparency into how they age, and adapting business strategy, accordingly, resulting in greater profit with minimal risk.

The TWAICE software enables determination of a battery’s current state of health and makes highly accurate predictions on future performance. This information is of huge value to customers working with batteries, from the design stage through to production and logistics, in-field applications such as electric cars and buses, and renewable energy storage. The software also supports decisions on battery repurposing and recycling.

With over 900 registrations the applications have been closed.

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Past Event

Location: Virtual Event

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