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Manage electric vehicle fleets based on rock-solid insights into battery health. Access reliable and accurate battery health information as a basis for making critical business decisions to maximize battery lifetime and save costs.

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“The battery health information provided by the TWAICE software is exactly what we want to offer our customers. TWAICE’s proven results in the field gave them the edge over alternatives.”

Kristian Winge, CEO Sycada
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E-Mobility Health Analytics

Access accurate & reliable battery health information

The mobility industry is undergoing a major transition. The shift to e-mobility means the battery is now the focal point of vital processes for operating and maintaining electric vehicles, from battery swapping, battery maintenance and managing battery warranties. However, with little experience working with batteries, OEMs and operators are experiencing many challenges.


  • Accessing battery health information requires expensive and time-consuming physical testing of e-vehicles. This information is only available after the tests have taken place.
  • Alternative methods of getting battery health information such as using battery management system are not sufficient, as BMS data decreases in accuracy as the battery ages.
  • There is no standard industry definition of battery State of Health, the metric that indicates the degradation of a battery, therefore different companies use different definitions. This creates chaos and mistrust between operators and OEMs.


TWAICE battery health analytics provides accurate, reliable and continuous battery health information at scale – meaning operators and OEMs have the insights they need to manage electric vehicle fleets with confidence.

  • Save time and costs by reducing physical testing of vehicles. Access the State of Health of your batteries (and more KPIs) at any time, from wherever you are.
  • Get guaranteed accurate battery health information. TWAICE provides an independent validation procedure for your peace of mind & TWAICE health analytics is backed up by Munich Re insurance.
  • Streamline communications & develop relationships based on trust as you can make decisions based on a battery State of Health that has been agreed upon by all stakeholders.
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How does the TWAICE software get the data from the battery?
We offer multiple flexible and easy integration options to telematic systems including via API.
Is your system cybersecure? How is data security of the system maintained?
TWAICE is TISAX (an information security management standard similar to ISO 27001) compliant and certified. We are also in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 for the non-mobility sector. We have a rigorous policy for architecture security, data security and encryption, network security as well as data privacy and access rights policies to ensure data remains confidential and protected.
Can the software outline performance optimization/ improvements based on the data?
Your customer success managers will work closely together with you and assist you in improving performance of your batteries. Recommendations for improving and optimizing performance will be implemented directly into the user interface shortly.

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