Katrin Habenschaden speaking at Munich Battery Lab opening from TWAICE and Vispiron Systems


Battery analytics software company TWAICE and R&D service provider VISPIRON SYSTEMS combine their strengths for a new battery lab in Munich.

TWAICE / Mar 22, 2023


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Combining strengths in engineering and testing services as well as battery & software expertise for a new battery lab


Battery analytics software company TWAICE and and R&D service provider VISPIRON SYSTEMS opened the joint MUNICH BATTERY LAB. The new battery lab is an innovative center of excellence in the innovation hotspot Munich, used for analyzing battery behavior and optimizing battery development. It is unique in its form in Munich and sets a milestone for greener and future-oriented mobility.

Munich's deputy mayor, Katrin Habenschaden, explained during the opening of the lab: "I am very proud of this site here. If you want to make sustainable and successful economic policy today, you have to invest every spare euro in building innovation spaces. We can celebrate the Munich Battery Lab as a best practice example."

"If you look at developments from the past, you see that technologies are never fully explored. What matters is to keep improving and optimizing the technologies. And that is exactly what is being done with the Munich Battery Lab - batteries are being analyzed more and more precisely, made better and more efficient. This is exactly the kind of development we need," adds Ludwig Hartmann, Chairman of the Green Party in the Bavarian State Parliament.

The focus is on testing lithium-ion batteries in terms of performance and stability under predefined environmental conditions. Within six months, the two Munich-based companies have built a testing infrastructure based on the current state of the art for battery testing. Covering an area of more than 100 square meters, the laboratory enables the analysis of different cell types in the battery, at a current of one to several hundred amperes, a cooling capacity of 40 kW and using ten temperature chambers. This creates one of the most important and technologically advanced competence centers for batteries in Germany, with over 100 available measurement channels and temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +80 °C.  

The laboratory enables the analysis of multiple battery types and chemistries, parameter and lifetime tests, thermal cycling tests, and calendar or cyclic aging tests (electrical, thermal or combined). Customers will benefit from a better understanding of battery behavior and thereby optimize their battery development. The test infrastructure will provide additional data for TWAICE's battery analytics.  

"With the new MUNICH BATTERY LAB, we will advance groundbreaking technologies of our customers and accelerate the expansion of e-mobility," said Amir Roughani, CEO of VISPIRON GROUP.  

"The MUNICH BATTERY LAB will make an important contribution to analyze battery aging and behavior in depth. As part of the TWAICE Battery Research Center, we can thus further improve our software and, together with our partner VISPIRON, make an important contribution to environmentally friendly mobility and energy," says Dr. Michael Baumann, Managing Director of TWAICE.  "The MUNICH BATTERY LAB is driving pioneering technologies at automotive manufacturers and thus accelerating the expansion of electromobility in Germany," adds TWAICE Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Stephan Rohr, noting that "the lab is also helping battery storage to more efficiently balance the volatility of power grids and support the expansion of renewable energies."

TWAICE is the world's leading provider of battery analytics software and has years of experience in analyzing field and laboratory data. The existing TWAICE battery lab has been efficiently and rapidly parameterizing models for automotive manufacturers, energy customers, and others for two years. These models are used in the development of battery-powered products. They are also part of the TWAICE platform, which enables customers from a wide range of industries to make the complex battery systems more efficient, sustainable and reliable, even during operation.  

VISPIRON SYSTEMS is a development partner of well-known manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. Projects in the areas of Future Mobility, Future Energy and Digital Transformation are accompanied from idea generation through concept development to implementation, including training. The company continuously invests in a corresponding test infrastructure for the technologies of tomorrow. Since 2019, the VISPIRON E-Labs have been helping to provide more testing capacity for the growing electromobility market.  

TWAICE and VISPIRON SYSTEMS share the mission to actively shape a green and better future. The new lab and the corresponding tests are another building block on the way there.




TWAICE provides predictive analytics software for companies working with batteries addressing key concerns throughout the entire lifecycle. Customers using TWAICE de-risk their battery business and outperform their peers by increasing battery performance and lifetime. Uniquely combining deep battery expert knowledge and artificial intelligence on a scalable analytics platform, TWAICE generates actionable insights at every step of the battery lifecycle. In addition to enabling TWAICE products, the analytics platform is a launchpad for customer and partner solutions, leveraging an entire ecosystem of market leaders. Find out more at www.twaice.com.

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Advancing groundbreaking technologies to stop climate change as well as development and consulting for energy and mobility of the future: VISPIRON SYSTEMS is a Germany-wide R&D service provider and develops individual customer solutions that advance an environmentally friendly and connected future. The focus of the new MUNICH BATTERY LAB is on testing lithium-ion batteries in terms of performance and stability under predefined environmental conditions. Customers benefit from a better understanding of battery behavior and can develop optimized batteries.

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