TWAICE TISAX automotive cybersecurity label

TWAICE obtains TISAX label for cybersecurity in the automotive industry

TWAICE meets the TISAX requirements and receives cybersecurity label in the automotive industry.

TWAICE / Jan 31, 2023


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TWAICE demonstrates its compliance with the highest security standards in the automotive industry.

TWAICE, a leading provider of battery analytics software, announces that it has obtained the TISAX label for cybersecurity in the automotive industry. TISAX, which stands for "Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange," is a globally recognized standard for cybersecurity in the automotive and industrial automation sectors.

The TISAX label shows that TWAICE has successfully completed a rigorous assessment process and meets the very high protection needs TISAX standard for information security in the automotive industry. This includes measures to protect against cyber-attacks and breaches, as well as compliance with industry-specific regulations and guidelines.

"Obtaining the TISAX label is a significant milestone for TWAICE and demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of cybersecurity," says Dr. Stephan Rohr, Co-CEO of TWAICE. "It is more important than ever to ensure secure technology. We are proud to have met the rigorous standards set by TISAX and look forward to continuing to provide our customers with the most advanced and secure battery analytics solutions."

TWAICE's battery analytics software is used by leading automakers and suppliers around the world, including BMW, Daimler, AUDI, and Porsche. With the TISAX label, these customers can have confidence in the security and reliability of TWAICE's technology.

The information about these results are available (on request if not published) through the ENX Portal together with the reference to Assessment-ID: A1F0FN-2

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