BESS health monitoring & analytics

Monitor the health status of battery energy storage systems

Insights into battery health are key for many different areas of managing, operating, and maintaining energy storage systems. With TWAICE health analytics, stakeholders can de-risk their energy storage systems while improving performance and lifetime.

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Access key battery health insights to optimize operations


  • Managing a portfolio of battery energy storage systems from different manufacturers can be complex as manufacturers’ KPI calculations can vary, and manufacturers provide different software.
  • Plenty of data is available, but inadequate processing and analytical capabilities of energy storage management systems mean that insights needed for optimizing battery health and lifetime are limited.
  • The status of an energy storage system is often only given at a high level and can be biased to support contractual obligations.


Energy Storage Health Analytics help you overcome the many challenges of managing energy storage assets.

  • Efficiently monitor an entire portfolio of storages with a comprehensive overview on an asset management dashboard.  Access insights on a per asset basis and benefit from more KPIs than with energy storage management systems to carry out detailed root-cause analysis.
  • Get insights into the predicted aging behavior of your energy storage systems and identify factors to extend the lifetime of your energy storage systems.
  • Get visualizations and insights pertaining to individual sections of the DC storage block from an unbiased third party.
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Can the software outline performance optimization/ improvements based on data?
Your customer success managers will work closely together with you and assist you in improving performance of your BESS. Recommendations for improving and optimizing performance will be implemented directly into the user interface shortly.
Which parameters of the BESS are monitored (HVAC, Fire Detection) and at which level?
TWAICE Analytics platform can consume all BESS data and analytics can be expanded on HVAC and Inverters. This is especially relevant for availability as well as safety investigations. Monitoring on other components is possible on request.
How do you fit into our tech stack along with SCADA, BMS, EMS, and trading optimization?
Battery analytics in general and the TWAICE platform specifically do not interfere or act redundantly to the rest of the elements in the tech stack. TWAICE sits downstream of the SCADA, BMS, and EMS and upstream of trading optimization. TWAICE provides a method to analyze, visualize, and produce meaningful insights at a granular level in support of monitoring, operations and management, and portfolio management.

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