E-Mobility Management ChargePoint TWAICE Solution Busworld Award 2023

ChargePoint & TWAICE win Busworld Digital Award 2023 in the E-Mobility Management category

ChargePoint and TWAICE Battery Health Package won the Busworld Digital Award 2023 in the E-Mobility Management category

TWAICE / Oct 15, 2023


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A world-leading battery analytics solution that can be seamlessly integrated in fleet management software, independent from OEMs

  • ChargePoint and TWAICE won the prize in the “E-Mobility Management” category at the Busworld Digital Awards 2023
  • The Battery Health Package is an innovative battery analytics solution integrated in fleet management software, focusing on battery health & performance
  • The solution can seamlessly integrate into any fleet management system, independent of OEMs

As part of the “Zero Emission Bus Conference 2023”, which took place from October 9th to 12th in Roeselare, Belgium, ChargePoint and TWAICE won the prize in the “E-Mobility Management” category at the Busworld Digital Award 2023 .

Both renowned leaders in their respective domains, ChargePoint and TWAICE have joined forces to deliver an innovative battery analytics solution, setting a groundbreaking milestone in fleet management software.

The award was given for their joint work on the world's first battery analytics solution, the Battery Health Package, that is seamlessly integrated into fleet management software and is brought to market independently of individual OEMs. TWAICE brought its expertise in battery analytics, built on ChargePoint's Data Hub and integrated its battery analytics software into the ChargePoint system to deliver maximum value for customers.

Benefits of this product are: saving time and money by reducing large-scale testing, identifying warranty issues early, swapping batteries on time to utilize their fullest potential and streamlining warranty discussions towards suppliers.

This comprehensive, OEM-independent approach to the crucial field of electromobility and battery safety has earned resounding praise from experts and industry insiders of the Busworld Award jury.

André ten Bloemendal, Senior Vice President for Europe at ChargePoint, explains: “The transition to zero-emission fleets is accelerating across Europe as fleet managers leverage electrification to reduce total cost of ownership.” ten Bloemendal explains: "The recognition of the work we have done together with TWAICE to further improve our cloud-based fleet management solution, which is used on a wide range of buses and trucks worldwide, is a major milestone for the mission of ChargePoint to make it easier to move people and goods with electric vehicles.”

Dr. Jonas Böhm, VP Mobility America & Strategic Partnerships at TWAICE, affirms: "The award is not only a fantastic recognition of the work done by the teams on both sides, but also an appreciation of the added value that we create for electric fleets together with ChargePoint."


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