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Mission possible: TWAICE and Sycada join forces

TWAICE and Sycada cooperate to offer Battery Health Package for fleets and passenger vehicles.

TWAICE / Jul 14, 2022


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Mission Possible: TWAICE and Sycada join forces to accelerate zero emissions for fleets

Leading zero emission innovators TWAICE and Sycada cooperate to offer Battery Health Package for fleets and passenger vehicles. The new partnership will offer optimized battery health insights to customers across the transport spectrum.

Leading battery software provider TWAICE today announced a new partnership with Sycada, the Netherlands-based zero emission telematics and fleet management company. TWAICE will add detailed insights on battery health to the solutions offered by Sycada, whose online platform for operational excellence in transport supplies planners, traffic control, operations, and drivers with critical information with which to operate their fleets and charging infrastructure.

The global demand for intelligent battery health solutions is rapidly increasing as more and more transport companies switch to electric. The battery is the most expensive component in electric vehicles, comprising up to 50 % of the total vehicle cost. Ensuring and maintaining battery performance is thus of key importance to OEMs and operators. The new German-Dutch partnership enables fleet managers to make data-driven decisions about asset management as well as their operational costs and risks.

The Battery Health module from analytics software provider TWAICE is now integrated in the Sycada platform. This was a logical step for Sycada CEO Kristian Winge, who explained: “We have been observing TWAICE’s success in the fleet sector for some time now. The battery health information provided by their software is exactly what we want to offer our customers. TWAICE’s proven results in the field gave them the edge over more research-based offerings."

Dr. Jonas Boehm, Strategic Partnerships Manager at TWAICE, said of the new cooperation: “Like Sycada, TWAICE is working proactively towards a best of breed partner network in the zero-emission space that will accelerate the European Green Deal. We know that battery analytics is the way forward, as only deep data and software can generate the transparency required to see into the battery and optimize its future performance. Sycada’s cutting-edge insights beyond pure battery data – e.g., on driving behavior – can further improve the lifetime of batteries through TWAICE analytics.”

About Sycada

Sycada is a tech and software developer that offers tools with the aim of making our transport and mobility needs industry greener, safer and more efficient. Sycada believes that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand and help companies achieve their goals on both ends. More at www.sycada.com


TWAICE provides predictive analytics software that optimizes the development and operation of lithium-ion batteries. TWAICE’s core technology is the digital twin - a software that combines deep battery knowledge and artificial intelligence to determine the condition and predict the aging and performance of batteries. This makes complex battery systems more transparent, effective, and reliable. As the leading battery analytics software for global players in the mobility and energy sectors, TWAICE is committed to increasing the lifetime, efficiency and sustainability of the products that power the economy of tomorrow.  Find out more at www.twaice.com

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