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Jumpstart your emission free future

TWAICE enables smart and emission-free transport with safe, reliable, and predictable batteries.


Shape the future of transport with high-performing batteries.

TWAICE helps bus and truck manufacturers and operators to go green. Our predictive analytics solution enables sustainable deployment and cost-efficient management of these important electric vehicles. OEMs and fleet managers alike profit from detailed battery information and an optimized use.

Faster time to market
Lower operation cost and warranty tracking
Extended lifetime and higher residual value
Predictive Battery Analytics that extend fleet operations up to 20%

Added value for the entire battery operation

The right solution for you – whether you manufacture e-buses and trucks, or operate an electric fleet.

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Make the right choice

Optimal battery design & reduced testing.

Optimize your battery system design according to your requirements or find the right cell for your needs by simulating battery behavior for different power and temperature profiles. Testing in virtual and real environments reduces testing effort significantly and decreases time-to-market. Profit from an optimized battery set up according to your individual needs. Simulation of the impact of various stress profiles enables both fleet managers and OEMs to design and select suitable batteries and prevent costly oversizing.


Increased battery lifetime & profitability

Get reliable data on battery health through remote monitoring and battery analytics to manage your batteries efficiently and increase their lifetime. Anomalies and trends can be detected early to avoid costly breakdowns and increase customer satisfaction. A failure probability prediction by our battery analytics additionally allows you to customize maintenance timing and increase planning security. Additionally, warranty can be tracked, and the batteries used accordingly.

TWAICE graphic showing state of helath over time

Enable second-life usage

The detailed information on previous use, battery health and remaining useful lifetime enable a targeted transfer into second life. Matching the right modules together without additional testing to ensure highest performance and safety drives the overall profitability of batteries.

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TWAICE vision 2022
August 3, 2022

TWAICE Vision | Alexander Schabert from ViriCiti

Software is the key for a battery-driven future. In February 2022, TWAICE hosted a conference on this topic. This video shows the presentation from Alexander Schabert - Senior Global Director at ViriCiti.
TWAICE Vision 2022
September 8, 2022

TWAICE Vision | Wasim Sarwar from Rimac Automobili

Software is indispensable for a battery-driven future: Economic efficiency and sustainability in the battery sector are inseparably linked to software. In February 2022, TWAICE hosted a conference on exactly this topic. This video shows the presentation from Wasim Sarwar - Head of Research & Advanced Engineering at Rimac Automobili.